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Making Groundwater Sustainable

This NGWA-sponsored workshop will examine how to develop and use groundwater in a sustainable manner to meet the nation’s pressing needs for food and energy while maintaining a healthy environment.

Droughts in California and the Southwest, as well as growing demands and competition for water throughout much of the country, increasingly highlight the importance of groundwater. Groundwater supplies almost half the nation’s drinking water, supports irrigated agriculture, industry, and energy development, and sustains streams and ecosystems.

Key experts will address the concept of sustainability applied to groundwater, the role of groundwater in drought resilience, the role of groundwater for food security, and groundwater issues related to energy development.​

Individual perspectives and panel presentations will address the role of groundwater in water scarcity, and agriculture and energy development impacts on groundwater.

February 22, 2016 in Washington, DC - Click Here to Register
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