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Atlantic Council Becomes 100th Member

Hosts Roundtable with Dr. Susan Mboya on Women, Water and Youth Empowerment

On May 21, 2015, the Atlantic Council joined the U.S. Water Partnership in hosting Dr. Susan Mboya, President, The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) for a discussion with partners on water, women and youth empowerment.

“Creating solutions to the current and developing global water challenges is vital to security, peace, and prosperity for the twenty-first century,” said Mr. Frederick Kempe, President and CEO, Atlantic Council. “The Atlantic Council is delighted to join so many leading government agencies, businesses, universities, NGOs and think tanks in pooling vital intellectual and logistical resources for tackling the world’s mounting water-related issues.”

The Atlantic Council’s significant expertise and resources will enhance the public-private partnership (PPP) platform to develop solutions that unlock the economic potential of Africa’s emerging middle class. This growing sector will be powered by women and youth. For example, over the next 15 years approximately 370 million youth will enter the labor market in Sub-Saharan Africa and 65 million in North Africa.

Dr. Mboya said, “No single organization can do this alone. The Coca-Cola Company is looking at how to reach scale more quickly by leveraging the diverse strengths and capabilities of partners in the Golden Triangle, which includes business, civil society and government.” She underscored TCCAF’s support of significant activities on water, women and youth empowerment in Africa focused on three catalytic platforms, which include:

  • The Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) is building on the success of delivering safe water access to two million people by 2015 and TCCAF is increasing its commitment to reach six million people by 2020.
  • The 5by20 initiative will enable the economic empowerment of five million women entrepreneurs by 2020.
  • The Youth Empowered for Success (Y.E.S.!) is TCCAF’s newest initiative, which will focus on empowering over two million youth by 2020 and beyond.

General William “Kip” Ward (retired), Former Commander, AFRICOM, agreed that women are central in the collection, production, consumption, and distribution of water. He emphasized that successful initiatives will require committed leaders, and this is a potential role the U.S. can play.

Ms. Sherri Goodman, CEO, Consortium for Ocean Leadership, reinforced the need for a collective action to address global water challenges and all sectors should asses what each could bring to the table.

The Honorable Constance Berry Newman, Special Counsel for African Affairs, Carmen Group spoke on the significance of PPPs and the importance of designing PPPs so all parties and the environment benefit.

“Enabling access to affordable and plentiful clean water is a particular challenge for developing nations around the world but especially in Africa, affecting everything from economic productivity to education to gender equity,” concluded Dr. Peter J. Pham, Director, Africa Center, Atlantic Council. “The Atlantic Council looks forward to leveraging our resources and expertise to contribute to tackling this important challenge together with other USWP members.”

To learn more about potential collaboration opportunities with the Atlantic Council, please email Marc Dettmann with the USWP Secretariat at

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